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Bijoux Red takes place in the gangster world of King City. The player takes control of Ander, a quiet loner from a nearby town, who unknowingly gets pulled into the dangerous King City underworld. Before long, he realizes that his actions have begun to change the tides of an intense gang war with a history that runs deeper than the city itself.

The Broken Heart of King City - A strange symbol that invokes fear or hope in those who look upon it – this is the emblem of Bijoux Red

Our first major project, Bijoux Red, is an episodic Tactical RPG set in the fictional gangster world of King City. Playing mostly as Ander, the primary protagonist, the player will follow the tale of Cipher Guild, a struggling pirate gang from the outskirts of King City. As the story progresses, the player will make serious decisions that will have a lasting effect on Cipher Guild's prosperity, or lack thereof, and will be given control of a growing number of characters with which to claim and defend territory as well as to do battle with. Some of these units include the members of Cipher Guild, secret characters, former enemies, and most notably, Cipher Guild's leader, and the protector of the King City outskirts, Visha.

The primary protagonist of Bijoux Red, Ander

Ander is a pensive and aloof 20 year-old who is drawn to wandering and never tries very hard to communicate with those around him. Despite people having a hard time deciphering how he feels about anything, Ander is generally trusted and well-liked. He proves himself to be clever, quick-witted and capable of becoming a force for change in King City. Unknown to Ander however, these very qualities have singled him out as a ray of hope to some and as an approaching threat to others.

Ander's guardian, and the secondary protagonist of Bijoux Red, Visha

Visha, protector of the King City outskirt gangs and the leader of Cipher Guild, reluctantly teaches Ander the ways of King City and tries to protect him from the cut throat gangsters that would take advantage of him. Like many others, Visha also sees in Ander a strong force for change, but given his dominant sense of responsibility, he would prefer that both Ander and his involvement with Cipher Guild go unnoticed by those who would rather see them harmed.

Consider this your welcome to King City. We're very excited about showing everyone our progress with the game itself as soon as possible. Please look forward to it!

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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