Managing Your Units! Part 1 - The Units Window
6/28/2009 10:54:00 PM | By Rene - 0 comments

The forgotten gangster world of King City, located ominously along the great Inveighlannes sea, is yours to explore in Bijoux Red! Beware, however, on embarking on this adventure alone! Word is that no one can survive King City without a Gang to back them up... so you'd better move quickly and find a Gang that will take you!

Once you join a gang, you can start managing your units and preparing them for battle! From the World Map, hitting the Units icon on the Command Menu opens the Units Window.

Opening the Units Window will show you all of the units currently fighting for your Gang! As long as you have these guys, you'll be safe... probably.

Double-click, or 'Inspect', a unit to view their Unit Profile. Visha's looking pretty good. Bosses, and other unique units, like Visha and Ander, tend to be stronger than the common Gangster!

Having a hard time defending your territory? Every turn, new units will appear in the Recruit Window! Don't hesitate to build your ranks!

But be mindful of your numbers. There is only a limited amount of room in each Gang! If you have too many units, you may not be able to recruit new ones!

Retire units that you no longer need and make room for the ones you want. Or increase your Gang Rank to raise the total amount of units you can recruit!

Maintaining a wide variety of skilled units is the backbone of a strong Gang. Treat them well and maybe you'll have a chance at staying alive in King City!

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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