Cipher Guild and the New Illustration Style
6/29/2009 06:51:00 PM | By Unknown - 0 comments

Some Gangsters, like the signal pirates of Cipher Guild, stay alive by minding their own business and performing odd jobs for the bigger, more dangerous inner-city Gangs. Fortunately, the members of Cipher Guild are quite adept at hiding their tracks for those times when they decide to foray into the deep recesses of King City...

A common member of Cipher Guild, and an example of the new Illustration Style of Bijoux Red.

We here at Revolver Games have been recently seeing some major improvements throughout the production of Bijoux Red. But when you are in such a creative, progressive environment, you can't help but want to step up your game! It felt only natural when I proposed we take the illustrations in a new direction.

We have experimented with changing the illustrations before to match a more familiar & contemporary aesthetic but that idea quickly fell flat. After some time passed, we approached the idea again with much more success! I look forward to sharing more illustrations with all of you in the coming months.

German Shible
Illustrator - Bijoux Red

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