Prototype Combat Part 3 - Defense and Defense Break
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During combat, units have the ability to React to enemy attacks. The most basic Reaction Ability, and the first ability that most units will learn, is Defense. Reacting with Defense at the right time will reduce the amount of damage received from attacks.

Before enemies successfully execute an attack, a React prompt will appear on screen. The timing of the React prompt is based on which Reaction Ability the unit has equipped. Some Reactions, such as Parry for example, can only be used while attacking.

Less damage is received while Defending.

Defenses wear thin over time. As units defend multiple attacks, their Break Gauge will begin to sharply increase. Maxing out an enemy's Break Gauge will inflict Defense Break - a condition that leaves a unit stunned and vulnerable to damage.

Overwhelming enemies with lots of small attacks is a great way to increase their Break Gauge. As a unit's Break Gauge will drain naturally over time while not being attacked, hitting your enemy with frequent small attacks will also keep your enemy's Break Gauge from depleting too quickly, creating more opportunities to inflict Defense Break.

When an enemy's defense is broken, attacks deal a greater amount of damage. This critical damage is indicated by the red numbers displaying the amount of damage inflicted. The screen also flashes whenever critical damage is inflicted.

When hit with a Defense Break, the afflicted unit is Stunned. They can't perform any actions, nor can they respond to enemy attacks. All attacks deal critical damage to Stunned units.

Certain attacks, like the multiple-hitting Triple Combo, are more effective when used against a Stunned opponent. This is a great opportunity to attack opponents with punishing moves that might otherwise consume a lot of resources or require a lot of time to execute.

You might notice in that last screenshot that this Freelancer has -3 HP. Their is no end condition to combat at the moment - in the current build of the Prototype, HP just keeps draining past 0 as more damage accumulates.

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red


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