Managing Your Units! Part 3 - The Team Menu
6/23/2010 12:12:00 AM | By Rene - 0 comments

A fight's about to break out... and it doesn't look like these guys care whether or not you end up as collateral damage. So stay close to me, alright? I'll keep you safe. You can count on it!
-Visha the Valiant

Because we've been spending so much time developing our other projects, including a title that we're currently developing alongside our partners at AMI, we haven't been able to give Bijoux Red much of the love or attention that it deserves.

To compensate, I took it upon myself to go back to the basics of Bijoux Red's unit management environment and clean up the Unit Menu by adding new features and fixing some old ones.

As presented previously, this is the Units Window ... complete with a few new features.

Although it's the kind of thing that we take for granted while playing games, I really wanted to go back and allow the player to organize their units based on different criteria. The player can now sort their units based on any of the criteria displayed in the Units Window. Incidentally, the Units Window now displays more statistics than we had previously included.

The next feature we added in has to do with something that we've been planning on including all along. By clicking on the Team Icon at the top of the Units Window, the player can now open the Team Menu! The Team Menu can also be opened from inside a unit's Unit Profile.

From the Team Menu, players can view some basic unit stats, make new teams or add units to an existing team. Certain units can't be removed from the team they're in, or have their leader status revoked.

Teams that you design yourself from the ground up can be customized in any number of ways. This includes choosing how many units are in that team and which unit will act as the team leader. Unit Classes will play a large part in arranging teams efficiently. Every team, for example, may benefit from including at least one Bodyguard!

Once you've made your teams, the icons next to a unit's name may change! Icons shaped like a single person indicate units that have not yet joined teams. Icons shaped like a row of people indicate units that are currently in teams. Yellow icons, on the other hand, indicate team leaders and a little skull indicates units defeated in combat.

Keep in mind that units that are joined to teams cannot be retired from your gang.

If we're able to find some free time to post more on Bijoux Red, I'd really like to share some of the new combat mechanics we've been working on, or to go into detail about the various Unit Classes available to the player! Although we're pretty busy with other projects, we remain extremely dedicated to making Bijoux Red the most unique and interesting Strategy RPG that we're able to design! I look forward to sharing more with everybody soon!

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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