Managing Your Units! Part 2 - The Unit Profile
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In King City, Gangsters live by a code called the Law of Dogs. Though the decrees of this criminal covenant are few and brief, they justly define the character and conflict of the Gang War that has engulfed the city.

Of these Laws, the fourth is considered by some to be the most important one, and the Law that will prove the true worth of a soul in King City. That Law is read as such - PROTECT YOUR OWN - and is a reminder to Gangsters to be true to their allies.

In King City, understanding your units and their capabilities is the key to staying alive. By visiting a unit's profile, you can view their stats and outfit them for combat!

From inside the Unit Profile, you will be able to access the Command List. Each unit learns their own commands, which can be equipped for use in combat. Be mindful however of the Power and SP Cost of these commands! Units will exhaust quickly in combat if their commands are too draining!

Given the opportunity, allow your units to rest regularly by accessing Rest from the Profile Window. This will allow them to restore their strength and morale. Units can also spend their Experience Points while resting, allowing them to become stronger!

Units can spend Experience Points to raise their attributes. Depending on which attributes you choose to raise, your units may learn new commands!

As expected, any new commands can be equipped from the Command List after a unit has learned it. If you take the time to get to know your units, and to experiment with their attributes, then combat will be a breeze!

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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