Sounds of King City Part 1 - Hidden From The Sun
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Even the broadest reach of blinding sunlight fails to penetrate the deepest recesses of King City's shady past. And yet here we are; nothing more than silly, bored people, without a past.
-Bella Strange

Whenever I begin writing a track for Bijoux Red, I often start with what I call a simple 'Guitar Sketch'. This helps me to envision the structure of the song, and to imagine what sort of accompaniment I'd like to hear.

I don't always do this when writing music, but something about the exotic King City made me want to try to write as much of the music as I could on guitar first. There's something about that acoustic flavour illustrating this world that I'm really hoping to convey!

Attached underneath, I've included both the 'Sketchbook' version and the 'Original Soundtrack' version of a song introduced early in the first episode called 'Hidden From The Sun' - just to sort of emphasize the benefits of this working method.

Music Sketchbook
Beneath the World, Hidden from the Sun - Underground Theme

Bijoux Red OST Preview
Hidden From The Sun - Beldan Woods Arrangement

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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