Sounds of King City Part 2 - Ander's Theme/World Map 1
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What's the point? Maybe I'll find out if I just keep moving.

Using the idea of 'leitmotif' to represent our characters through music, we've managed to create an extensive soundtrack featuring various arrangements on numerous themes. This allows us to help the player experience an environment, such as exploring King City from the World Map, in two very different ways! For example, early in the game, we introduce King City through a World Map Arrangement of Ander's Theme. Later, as the player begins to move between districts and the conflicts and characters evolve, we introduce a World Map Arrangement of Visha's Theme, which is more reflective and vast in nature and tone.

Both themes portray a larger King City but the individual flavours of each character will hopefully help the player to experience King City in different ways as they progress through the game.

Bijoux Red OST Preview
Red Fox Underneath the Blazing Sun (Ander's Theme) - World Map Arrangement

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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