ARC Combat! Part 2 - Crash Attacks
10/21/2009 01:02:00 PM | By Rene - 2 comments

Hey! Don't interrupt me! What's that? You say I wasn't saying anything? You say I was the one interrupting you? Are you sure...?

During fast-paced combat, the best defense is sometimes a good offense! Skilled fighters can interrupt their enemy's attacks by crashing through with an attack of their own! Crashing attacks can be accomplished using any command, although some attacks are more effective than others at crashing... on the other hand, some commands are harder to crash through than others!

Be sure to check out the Bijoux Red ARC Combat Tutorial Demo to try out Crash Attacks for yourself!

Coyote's getting ready to use his Buster Slam command! This one hits hard, but it takes a while to set-up... there's a small window of opportunity here to defend yourself, or to Crash through his attack!

It looks like hitting Coyote with the Swift Punch Command wasn't enough to phase him!

This move hits pretty hard! There must be a way to stop him!

*POW!* The Elbow Thrust command is ideal for crashing through enemy attacks! Even Coyote's Buster Slam can't hold up against this one!

If you act quickly, even normal attacks like Swift Punch can crash through a strong one like Buster Slam! Two hits with Swift Punch will crash right through his attack, and deal a lot more damage in the end!

Make sure you read the Command Description before equipping a command! If an attack is useful for crashing, or hard to crash through, that information could affect how you set up for combat and how you use your attacks! Check out the tutorial on Equipping Commands, available in the Tutorial Demo, for more information!

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red

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