Prototype Combat Part 4 - Charge and Double Charge
6/16/2011 02:30:00 PM | By Rene - 1 comments

Because every action performed in combat consumes stamina in the form of SP, it doesn't take long for some units to run out of energy. Although SP does regenerate passively over time, idling around with an empty stamina gauge and waiting for it to fill can be rather dangerous.

Without SP, you don't have many options in combat. Fortunately, Charge abilities, like Charge Boost and Booster Alpha, will help you regain your stamina in no time.

Charge abilities are activated by holding down the mouse button over a prompt that appears. Once a Charge is activated, removing the mouse button will end the effect. Charge abilities allow units to regenerate SP quickly in combat, but sometimes have additional effects, such as draining a unit's Break Gauge. Units can not react while charging, so this state tends to leave them vulnerable to damage. Receiving enough damage while charging will knock a unit out of their Charge State.

Stronger units will have access to greater Charge abilities. While the most basic 'Charge Boost' will help units regain their SP quickly, the more effective 'Booster Alpha' will allow units to build an even larger store of additional SP. This effect of building additional SP is called Double Charge.

Once units have restored their SP using a stronger Charge ability, they may begin to build additional SP in the form of a second SP gauge, effectively allowing them to double their overall available SP. Entering Double Charge requires the use of part of a unit's Drive Gauge.

With so much SP at your disposal, you might feel encouraged to start throwing around some of the more expensive and powerful techniques.

Stronger Charge abilities can break past even the 'Double Charge' point, reaching a hidden technique called 'Over Charge'. While we've decided to omit the details of 'Over Charge' for the combat prototype, the best way I can think of describing it is to imagine what happens to the Super Saiyans of the Dragon Ball world. Most units with Over Charge techniques will have unique abilities and status bonuses associated with their Over Charge - the most common Over Charge bonus will include access to an infinite SP gauge for a limited period of time. Well, details for another time I guess.

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red


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