Prototype Combat Part 5 - Drive and Technique
7/24/2011 08:40:00 PM | By Rene - 1 comments

Units in combat build Drive while fighting. Drive is required to use special Techniques in combat and is essential to performing the most devastating attacks available.

There are four levels of Technique made available to units at first, with the mysterious OverDrive Techniques becoming available later. The correct number of filled 'Drive Bars' are required to perform Techniques of the corresponding levels. Predictably, the strongest Techniques consume the largest amounts of Drive and are capable of inflicting significant damage.

Ander's 'Shining Slice' is a strong and dependable attack that harnesses the beaming sunlight through the blade of his dagger.

'Sunburst Crush' is incredibly effective at interrupting enemy attacks.

Try as they might, enemies can't evade Ander's 'Fire Wave' attack.

Channeled through Ander, the power of the Sun is used to deliver an array of condensed solar rays in the form of an attack. 'Solar Spear' can be used to wear down enemy defenses but is best used on unsuspecting foes who leave their guard down.

Ander's 'Solar Cannon' and 'White Haze' will also feature as unlockable abilities early in the game. All of these abilities will be available in the first prologue chapter of Bijoux Red.

Rene Shible
Director - Bijoux Red


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