Prototype Combat - Progress and Polish
8/31/2011 02:29:00 PM | By Rene - 1 comments

You may notice from the progress screens below that not only have we included a new animated background into the Prototype Combat file, but also that we're developing a new UI. While it's not a huge leap from the previous one, the way the new UI animates will be a little more dynamic and exciting. Well, I say it will be because that menu isn't actually in the current build. Although these are in-game screen shots, the UI elements were doctored up in photoshop so that I could see how they would look in action!

The new backgrounds add a greater layer of depth to combat and feature animations with more frames. You can really believe the grass swaying in the wind!

The size of Command Menus are going to be entirely dynamic, based on the number of entries in the menu and the amount of space needed to display information.

A combat scene using the new UI.

The main purpose for redesigning the new UI is two-fold. The intention is to both eliminate wasted space in the UI by creating a more dynamic-friendly design (empty space in the previous design did look very unattractive) and to create a reusable design where the themes and elements used can reappear in other in-game menus and interfaces. The new UI will be central in tying together the varied game play scenarios - something I was very worried about with the previous UI!

You can see examples of the previous UI here, here and ... well, all over the place!

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