Ander Concept Work Sketchbook
10/07/2011 01:50:00 AM | By Rene - 0 comments

Ander is the lead protagonist of Bijoux Red, our tactical RPG work-in-progress. While Mike is leading up the animations (where I only lend a hand when needed), I'm going to be tackling the portrait art myself, including Ander's, who I'm quite fond of. Until I procure my brother's tablet though, I'm just playing around in my sketchbook and with some inks.

I only inked two images where I tried to capture the detail in his clothing and I had to make the images kind of small because of the size of my sketchbook. I definitely want to do a very large marker and inks version showing off Ander's outfit - it probably won't get in the game (we'll be going digital for the portrait art), but I definitely want to give it a shot anyway!

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