Sounds of King City Part 5 - Prologue Soundtrack
10/09/2011 01:54:00 PM | By Rene - 0 comments

Since we've been making more use of videos lately, we've decided to start sharing music from the first Bijoux Red Prologue with everyone via Youtube. We're going to be uploading all of the Bijoux Red music on Youtube piece by piece, starting with these four tracks, which will all be featured in the first few hours of gameplay.

Don't Look Back!
Player Mission Theme - The newest soundtrack offering, this piece is heard when the player takes their turn during mission sequences.

A Secret, The Searing Wind, Tall Grass
Freegrove Theme - This is the theme of Freegrove, a desolate field of tall grass and unyielding sun. This is the first area players will explore in Bijoux Red.

Red Fox Underneath The Blazing Sun (Ander's Theme)
Ander's Theme - The first world map theme, and Ander's theme.

Show Me How!
Tutorial Theme - This theme plays while the player learns how to fight and how to control units during missions.

We're going to start taking a more active interest in uploading videos by sharing work-in-progress footage of the Prototype Combat system. Of course, everything we post is subject to change until the game is actually made available, but we figured it would be more exciting to actually see the game in action!

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